Learn from disability-focused leaders about high profile topics and how they are truly making a difference. Mai Ling and James give you front-row access to intimate conversations that are shaping the way the world is supporting people with disabilities. If it's happening - it's being shared here.

About the Hosts

James BergesProfile Photo

James Berges

Speech-Language Pathologist | Growth & Content Marketing in Health-Tech | Cohost of Xceptional Leaders Podcast

Your brain is hardwired to love a good story, so I'll tell you the short version of mine. My background in psychology, speech and hearing sciences, combined with content marketing and editing experience makes me equal parts empathetic, analytical, and creative. I am grateful to be part of a field that helps people communicate. In my spare time, I enjoy communicating research findings through content development and strategy.

Martyn SibleyProfile Photo

Martyn Sibley

Co-host, best-selling author

My name is Martyn Sibley. I am a regular guy who happens to have a disability called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). This means I cannot walk, lift anything heavier than a book or shower myself. Nonetheless I run Disability Horizons, am the author of 'Everything is Possible', I have a Degree in Economics & a Masters in Marketing. I love adventure travels (including an epic visit to Australia), I have great people in my life (including my soul mate), I drive my own adapted car, run my own business, have flown a plane, enjoyed skiing & SCUBA diving, and live independently on earth.

Mai Ling Chan MS, CCC-SLPProfile Photo

Mai Ling Chan MS, CCC-SLP

Co-host, best-selling author, SLP

Mai Ling is a speech-language pathologist and tech enthusiast! She also loves spotlighting amazing people who are serving the disability community in unique and wonderful ways. These days she's busy interviewing guests for the podcast or FB live shows, supporting disability-focused businesses as an executive consultant, and starting the creation of a disability accelerator non-profit organization. Whew! Thank goodness it's all FUN!