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Interesting & Motivating

Enjoyed the upbeat conversation! This topic is new to me yet, the presentation and energy kept me captive. Great job!

Wonderful host - such a pro!

Love to hear more from Mai Ling, we need more people who focus on people who are successful with helping others! Loved the John Gomez episode!

For the ‘Outside the Box’ Mindset

This podcast is as informative as it is enjoyable. I’ve often thought of ways to improve how we practice, now I have the inspiration to implement my ideas!

Fabulous new podcast!

I’m not surprised by the quality of this podcast. Mai Ling Chan is a fellow speech-language pathologist who is energetic and driven. I am excited not only to present professional development offerings on XCeptionalED but also to tune in and learn from future podcast guests!


Loved listening to this man overcome a stroke and continue on living life to the fullest. Thank you Avi for sharing and for helping others realize that they too can overcome their personal obstacles.

Xceptional Leaders

Thank you, Xceptional Leaders for sharing such valuable and useful information that can be put into practice immediately. You are changing the game with your platform. Please keep these fantastic podcast coming!!

Well done!

Very informative and easy to listen to. I look forward to what Mai Ling shares with us next!

Great show

A great show with a great host!

Two awesome people!

Wow what an amazing conversation! Incredible willpower and optimism to live a happy life post-stroke!!

speech-language pathologist

This podcast is much needed--- excited to hear more of these inspiring interviews!

Great Info on Entrepreneurship in Special Needs

Well done, interesting and easy to listen to. Looking forward to hearing more from the entrepreneur’s perspective.

Relevant & Positive

A fantastic look into what aspects are necessary to be successful in education.

Professional and very interesting

Not just another “entrepreneur” pod. I’m looking forward to hearing more from real people with real stories.

First Rate Experience

I had the pleasure to be interviewed on the Xceptional Leaders Podcast recently. Mai took great care to make sure that I felt comfortable in order to create a very free flowing environment for ideas. I think that it is great to have a Podcast that not only explores the creativity behind one’s ventures, but also looks into that critical business aspect that often gets overlooked. I am looking forward to listening to many future episodes!

Fresh Voice in Special Needs and Entrepreneurship

This podcast is a welcome breath of fresh air in the world of special needs. I love hearing from various people doing incredible things with their platform. As an SLP, I learn so much from the conversations in this podcast. Thank you for bringing these people to my commute, keep up the great work!!!