Xceptional Leaders with Mai Ling Chan & James Berges

Xceptional Leaders with Mai Ling Chan & James Berges

Learn from disability-focused leaders about high profile topics and how they are truly making a difference. Mai Ling and James give you front row access to intimate conversations that are shaping the way the world is supporting people with disabilities. They share their intimate experiences— so you can start, grow, and expand your impact.

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Recent Episodes

Bespoke Clothing for Short Stature People with Chamiah Dewey

Sept. 26, 2022

Clothing designer Chamiah Dewey joins the show today to talk with Mai Ling about her work. She created Chamiah Dewey Fashion, the UK’s first clothing brand for people with Dwarfism/short stature. Chamiah tells about the begi…

Empowering Teens with ADHD Through Digital Tools with Bryan Dinner

Sept. 12, 2022

Bryan Dinner is our guest for this episode of Xceptional Leaders. He is the CEO and founder of Clarifi, the desktop app that assists teens with ADHD and attention challenges with completing online homework. Bryan talks with …

Guest: Bryan Dinner

New Uses and Innovation in Voice Technology with Sara Smolley

Aug. 29, 2022

We’re so happy to bring you this insightful and informative episode today about breakthrough voice technology. James chats with co-founder and VP of Strategy at Voiceitt, Sara Smolley. Voiceitt is a speech recognition app fo…

Guest: Sara Smolley

Understanding Ableism and Redefining the Human Body with Carson Tueller

Aug. 15, 2022

Mai Ling and James kick off this episode sharing what they are up to lately. Mai Ling talks about her new approach to Tiktok and James reports on his recent work change. After these updates, Mai Ling shares a conversation sh…

Accessible Online Marketplace & Purple Tuesday with Mike Adams

Aug. 1, 2022

Today Mai Ling chats with Mike Adams, the CEO of Purple, a disability organization working to bring disabled people and businesses together. Mike talks about his work building a fully accessible online marketplace, why he an…

Guest: Mike Adams

Rehab Tech and Networking with Raheema Hemraj

July 18, 2022

Our guest for this episode is Occupational Therapist and Gerontologist, Raheema Hemraj. Mai Ling speaks with her about her work as the co-creator of the Rehab Tech Summit and they dive into how the event started, who it is f…