June 6, 2022

Redirecting Your Life and Career with Mattie Murrey-Tegels

Redirecting Your Life and Career with Mattie Murrey-Tegels

Our guest today is the founder of FreshSLP and host of The Missing Link for SLPs podcast, Mattie Murrey-Tegels. Mattie chats with James about how to reinvent yourself and your career, the value and importance of self-care, and the difference between...

Our guest today is the founder of FreshSLP and host of The Missing Link for SLPs podcast, Mattie Murrey-Tegels. Mattie chats with James about how to reinvent yourself and your career, the value and importance of self-care, and the difference between burnout and just being tired. In addition to this value-packed interview, Mai Ling and James share some updates from their own journeys. This episode is one you don’t want to miss!

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I believe in when you do the work and you have that drive and you have someone to hold you accountable and help you see where you wanna go.

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Then that's when things happen.

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You're listening to the exceptional leaders podcast.

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Each week we give you a front row seat to our conversations with new and successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders making an impact in the special education and disability communities.

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They share their intimate experiences so you can start grow and expand your impact.

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I'm James burgess of slp transitions dot com and I'm Mai Ling Chan, you can find me at mai ling chan dot com.

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Today's episode is with maddy, Murray tingles.

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We are so excited to share this interview with you James, thanks so much for doing it.

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It was my pleasure.

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Maddie is someone you want to listen to if you've ever wondered about pivoting in your career path or pivoting in life in general.

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She started out as an slp and you'll hear in the interview.

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She really navigated through her curiosity from Slp to an author of writing over a million words in one year, which is, I don't even know how someone writes a million words in a year.

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I can write W.

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Yeah, I'll write that down.

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I got that one and she's for all our speech nerds out there.

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We will go off on linguistic tangents whenever we feel, but she's a professor and she's a coach and there is a mention light mention trigger warning for those out there who are sensitive to this.

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She does mention suicide for a brief moment, does not go in depth, but just want you to be aware of that.

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All this to say is she's been through a lot.

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She's motorcycle her way.

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Uh I don't know if that's a verb motorcycle her way through the nation.

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She's truly a badass.

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And yeah, this is an episode to listen to, to hear about self care, how you can pivot follow your curiosity and how life can bring ups and downs, but that can be a real gift and you can find your momentum through trauma and you know, re examine your life and be anything you want.

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She's a perfect example of that.

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I mean, it really inspired me in our conversation in my life, I've kind of taken maddy's advice which is stay open to opportunities, even though I'm a clinician I stayed open to right now mailing, I didn't tell you this, but I have maybe an opportunity, I don't want to jinx myself to be a content manager for a company that's doing really interesting things in psychedelic assisted therapy.

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So so psychedelics, mushrooms, mushrooms, or shrooms.

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Um yeah, we think of shrooms, acid, all these things, we probably think of sixties and Bell bottoms and Woodstock, but there's been since then the war on drugs and now these things are finally being de stigmatized again, where we're realizing through research and controlled trials that these aren't just for enhancing music, but they actually have properties that can heal treatment resistant depression or anxiety and trauma.

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So actually better than a lot of S.

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I's and traditional prescription medications, People who take ketamine treatments, veterans who have gone through PTSD and taking M.

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You know, it's not a panacea doesn't cure everything but it's thought to unlock something in you where with therapy it can really help facilitate the therapeutic process.

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So interesting.

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Well there's so much to unpack here and I want to jump in.

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Um the one thing I want to ask you and this is because our listeners are always on the verge of looking for how we can connect what we do with what we love, you know with our passions.

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And so this is a really interesting little niche here.

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When you were approached teams, I'm assuming that you don't do psychedelic medication.

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So when you approached did you have to really internalize and analyze whether this aligns with your professional judgment with your personal viewpoints, you know, how did you take on this business proposal?

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Yeah that's a great question.

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Well as far as content, you know, I'm always been interested in psychology and linguistics and language and mental health.

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And to me this is just the next frontier in mental health.

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So I know in this podcast we talk about disabilities from a clinical and entrepreneurial standpoint and this is just one facet of that.

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So it really aligns with how can we help people with these debilitating illnesses like treatment resistant depression and whether or not that was psychedelics, I would be interested in that.

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So it would be whatever we can help people with mental health is obviously it's a huge issue in our nation and in the world.

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So yeah, interesting.

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So the reason why I'm bringing this up again for our listener is he's obviously a practicing speech language pathologist, he has his license.

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He will not be actually involved in any of these therapies, but he will be providing a different service in terms of these content, manage and marketing for them.

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So, you know, we can do so many things with our degree and I really, really invite you to get creative, you know, and do things like this.

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Yeah, exactly.

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It's basically would be a journalist where I'm asking the experts, I'm not pretending to be an expert, but I'm going to interview people sort of like on this podcast and I do want to ask you mailing because your life you hit a milestone and happy birthday to you.

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Happy birthday Yeah.

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How was your birthday?

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Um epic.

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I know I always try to do something in one word and that was that just encompasses it all.

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Um I had the blessings of having 26 friends and family come with me to a destination birthday and James.

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It was incredible.

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I can't even, I can't even describe, you know, just to have everyone there and have good quality time with everyone and everyone jelled and Usually women don't like to say the age, you know, so for me to be sharing that, I'm 50, it's a pretty big deal.

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Um but it was it was amazing and I'm just so blessed especially after everyone coming out of, you know, being in quarantine and not seeing each other for so long, so thank you for asking and I'm really excited that I can share.

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Yeah, no, I didn't mean to put you on the spot, but it is a blessing and I did see on social media, you said something about you feel actually less imposter syndrome now than you did a decade ago and I think there, you know, that's to be celebrated, there's blessings that come with different stages of life and if you can get less out of your head and more with your friends and just connected with people, then that's something to celebrate.

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Yeah, that sounds absolutely, it's pervasive to the whole imposter syndrome.

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So for our listeners to, you know, I wanted to be a blogger, I wanted to be a teepee tear, you know, there's always things I wanted to be and that just wasn't organic to me and I finally realized that I just got to be me, you know, I got to be may I want to be a podcaster and I want to present and you know, I want to create digital products and that's where my jam is and that's what you gotta do is just embrace yourself.

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Exactly, Well said, so that's actually a perfect segway.

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I think into the interview with Maddie Marie Teagle because she reinvents herself, follows her imposter syndrome and says not today, impostor syndrome.

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I know, and so, you know, her website is the Badass slp, I just love it, I love her, I met her on linkedin, you know, I stalked her, I like to use that word.

00:07:45.860 --> 00:07:48.640
Um and then I introduced her to James and a couple other people.

00:07:48.640 --> 00:07:49.800
She's just incredible.

00:07:49.800 --> 00:07:54.330
So after you listen, I highly recommend that you get out there and you find her and follow her.

00:07:54.330 --> 00:07:57.770
She just has so much to share and I really think you're gonna love this episode.

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James did a great job, thank you and please follow us for clips coming.

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I know we keep saying this, but we're gonna edit some clips and put them on instagram, possibly Tiktok because maybe you don't have the whole day to really, it's only half hour you have time to listen to the podcast.

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Maybe you just want to see a highlight clip.

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So we're gonna be putting those on social media soon.

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And with that, let's get into the episode.

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Hello everybody today.

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I'm joined by a very special guest maddy, Murray tingles and she's the founder of the fresh slp, Badass slp and the missing link for S.

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P's podcast.

00:08:38.770 --> 00:08:41.210
She's been in the trenches as a medical slp.

00:08:41.220 --> 00:08:53.640
She traveled around the world, she rides motorcycles and even got a medal from robert Redford, which we might have to get into, but she's also an assistant professor for three years.

00:08:53.650 --> 00:08:58.620
Among another amazing list of fascinating things which we'll get into Maddie.

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Welcome to the podcast.

00:08:59.990 --> 00:09:04.560
Thanks for having me, I'm happy to be here excited for discussion today.

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So your work and life is so varied as you can tell by that intro.

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I want to start off with what makes a badass slp and do I have to ride a motorcycle to be one?

00:09:15.000 --> 00:09:16.400
No, you don't.

00:09:16.400 --> 00:09:23.750
In fact on my website I have me with a picture of Zeus, my motorcycle and people are like, what does motorcycling have to do?

00:09:23.760 --> 00:09:38.690
Being a bad slp just means that you are on your journey on your ride, doing what you wanna do, throttling up your career or your life where you want to go, not going an explanation or rationalization to anybody.

00:09:39.210 --> 00:09:50.560
So it's really being you, I love that being you and wherever that takes you, whether it's around the world in a different career path and I know you do coaching for S.

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Right in different stages of their career.

00:09:53.780 --> 00:09:57.740
I'm wondering is there a common thread or common things.

00:09:57.740 --> 00:10:02.730
People come to you with questions about how they can take control of their career in their path.

00:10:02.740 --> 00:10:16.470
There is that's a good question a lot of times people will come and they'll say, you know, as a graduate professor when I meet with a student there, like this is what I want to do, and this is why I want to become a speech pathologist.

00:10:16.480 --> 00:10:26.830
And they sometimes quickly way to quickly lose that big y and they lose that um drive to be in a speech language pathologist.

00:10:26.840 --> 00:10:36.740
And so they come for the coaching because they're like, I still kind of want to do this, but I don't know how to do what I want to do as an slp.

00:10:36.750 --> 00:10:43.100
Sometimes they say I'm done being an slp and here's where I want to go, or I'm not sure where I wanna go.

00:10:43.100 --> 00:10:54.430
So the common theme is I'm at a point in my life where I really am not where I want to be and I want to go somewhere else and how do I get there?

00:10:54.430 --> 00:10:57.630
So that's where the coaching piece comes in, hmm.

00:10:57.640 --> 00:11:01.640
And I know you and I talked on your podcast, the missing link for S.

00:11:01.640 --> 00:11:12.790
LPS, everyone check that out after you listen to this one and we talked about slp transitions, but so there's a sort of the spectrum in my mind of people at different stages of their career.

00:11:12.790 --> 00:11:15.720
You know, maybe they're starting off and they're scared.

00:11:15.730 --> 00:11:17.680
I think that's pretty common in the cf.

00:11:17.690 --> 00:11:27.670
I know I was scared shitless, my first year and you have supervisor, you have help, but you're still thrown off the deep end and you're seeing a caseload for the first time.

00:11:27.680 --> 00:11:39.470
So I sort of advise s LPS who are wanting to run from the hills in the beginning to wait it out, because it does get better with any job, you just have to get through that initial hump.

00:11:39.480 --> 00:12:00.590
And I do see that as maybe a mistake of if it's painful run away immediately, but I wonder if you have any thoughts on when to stick something out or when you're coaching practice, especially early career, you know, what's the difference between staying too long or just not being patient enough?

00:12:00.600 --> 00:12:14.490
Well, we've all put a lot of time and money into our schooling and developing our careers or even launching our careers, and the beauty of coaching is, I don't get to tell anybody what to do.

00:12:14.500 --> 00:12:18.100
I help them come to that realization on their own.

00:12:18.730 --> 00:12:28.490
And so we explore the emotions, the mindsets, the feelings of where they are when they come to me to start their coaching.

00:12:28.500 --> 00:12:35.950
Some of them are like, I've always wanted to be a med slp, but I started in the schools and their vice versa.

00:12:35.950 --> 00:12:57.540
I thought I wanted to be a med slp, and I want to go into the schools and this isn't happening for me, so we take a look at those emotions and where they are are with identifying burnout versus being tired versus are they really where they want to be working in their careers and we explore those deeper.

00:12:57.540 --> 00:13:13.260
So one of the things that we work through right away is we do a clarity course on where are you right now in your career, what is going well, what is not going well, what is confusing and what is missing?

00:13:13.470 --> 00:13:26.060
And so by going through those four reflective questions, were able to get clarity kind of like a snapshot on where their emotions and their thoughts are, then the coaching piece helps them.

00:13:26.060 --> 00:14:10.790
We work through vision boarding and the reason I even started coaching and I was a little hesitant to do it because I value education and I have this Master's degree and I'm this speech language pathologist and coaching is not a regulated um it's not a regulated anything, it's coaching, you have the International Coaching Foundation, which if you get that credential is great, but there's a lot of people out there who can hang up a shingle and say I'm a coach, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to move into the coaching realm because I wanted to be providing a service that I knew was really good and I didn't know if I could get the resources and develop my coaching into that area.

00:14:11.340 --> 00:14:21.020
I've kind of put my toe in the water a couple of years ago and started with coaching and it has just gone so well and it is so exciting to watch S.

00:14:21.020 --> 00:14:21.160

00:14:21.160 --> 00:14:21.380

00:14:21.380 --> 00:14:21.740

00:14:21.750 --> 00:14:33.530
Really step into their careers or not step into their careers but step into their life and where they want to go and I now am a firm believer in coaching because it's a missing piece.

00:14:33.530 --> 00:14:34.980
A missing link.

00:14:34.990 --> 00:14:42.160
Executive businesses use them all the time And the return on coaching is research shows this is 287%.

00:14:42.170 --> 00:14:50.720
So it's a um investment in yourself to move your career in your life where you wanted to go and it's just been super rewarding for me.

00:14:50.730 --> 00:14:52.960
But to loop back I'm a professor.

00:14:52.960 --> 00:14:56.270
I sometimes talk too much to loop back.

00:14:56.280 --> 00:15:04.560
I like to start with my coaching clients on answering those four questions because it gives us a snapshot and allows them to dive.

00:15:04.570 --> 00:15:24.780
Not one not two but three levels deeper into the issues the challenges, the thoughts that they're having right now in their slp careers and in their lives and from there they explore and decide where they're gonna go there really in control of where they want to go and what they want to do.

00:15:25.410 --> 00:15:26.180
I love that.

00:15:26.190 --> 00:15:26.490

00:15:26.500 --> 00:15:28.300
It's almost like inception.

00:15:28.300 --> 00:15:30.920
They have to arrive at the conclusion themselves in their mind.

00:15:30.930 --> 00:15:32.400
You can't force it.

00:15:32.410 --> 00:15:43.210
I'm wondering are there common missing links you see after coaching so many people I would think people are surprised sometimes as they go through the process.

00:15:43.220 --> 00:15:55.370
Maybe they come in with a surface level worry and you dig deeper and you get into the emotional below the iceberg and they go, oh actually it's this not that I'm wondering if you have any examples of that I do.

00:15:55.380 --> 00:16:02.770
People come in where they're like, they know they're not happy, they're searching out the coaching but they don't know where they go or what they want to do.

00:16:02.780 --> 00:16:14.460
And we were talking about coaching earlier, you and I on you know, how do we offer what people are looking for And it's so different depending on um what they're looking for.

00:16:14.460 --> 00:16:23.050
I had um Sarah who came to me who was in a sniff setting and crying every day on the way home in the car.

00:16:23.060 --> 00:16:25.620
She didn't feel she had the support of her director.

00:16:25.620 --> 00:16:29.040
She didn't feel she had the respect of her team.

00:16:29.050 --> 00:16:32.500
And the pressures that she was working under were huge.

00:16:32.510 --> 00:16:39.290
And she wrote me a letter said I just warning you I'm coming and I'm going to cry for the first little bit.

00:16:39.580 --> 00:16:44.080
She was crying because she was genuinely just so emotional.

00:16:44.080 --> 00:16:46.090
She wanted to stay in the career.

00:16:46.100 --> 00:16:48.310
But she didn't know how she could do that.

00:16:48.320 --> 00:16:55.900
And so we worked with her, she's now an assistant professor and has her own private practice voice clinic doing super well.

00:16:55.910 --> 00:17:01.590
I worked with another Sarah who had wanted to start a medical slp.

00:17:01.600 --> 00:17:13.069
She started in the schools for three years because that's what she felt she could get and she transferred to the West Coast for med slp sniff, no supervision, nothing.

00:17:13.079 --> 00:17:14.650
She felt she was harming her patients.

00:17:14.650 --> 00:17:20.319
So she fleed that position and came back and quote unquote, settled for the schools.

00:17:20.730 --> 00:17:27.740
And I say that because I believe that school S LPS and medicine, we are both so valuable in our field.

00:17:27.750 --> 00:17:31.540
And she now is finishing up a course.

00:17:31.550 --> 00:17:45.920
I said it's quite the course on the nicu pediatric feeding and she's built up her resume and taken the time to hone out where she wants to go with her career and she's doing what she wants to do.

00:17:46.140 --> 00:17:53.280
I've had another slp who is at the end of her career and she's like, I've had this great career, I want to retire.

00:17:53.280 --> 00:17:54.420
I don't want the demands anymore.

00:17:54.420 --> 00:18:02.070
But I really want to continue to feel like I'm helping people and providing the service, where can I go in my retirement years.

00:18:02.100 --> 00:18:06.900
And so it is all along the scale all along the spectrum.

00:18:07.390 --> 00:18:10.040
I have two marys I'm working with repetitive names.

00:18:10.050 --> 00:18:13.600
One mary, her Children are growing up and out of the home.

00:18:13.610 --> 00:18:21.160
So she's stepping back into her career and it's likely not going to be where she left when she had Children.

00:18:21.170 --> 00:18:27.300
And so she has this wonderful panoramic view of where can I go, what can I do?

00:18:27.440 --> 00:18:41.190
And the other mary is working hard on paying off student loans and and really discovering where her niches and her her, you know, where does she lose herself when she works.

00:18:41.200 --> 00:18:45.590
And so we're discovering when she loses herself, that's really where she's gonna find herself.

00:18:45.600 --> 00:18:48.300
So these are some of the coaching clients I work with.

00:18:48.840 --> 00:18:57.170
I love that you lose yourself, that's where you'll find yourself, reminds me of the flow state kind of getting lost in your work when you're so engaged, you lose track of time.

00:18:57.170 --> 00:19:05.480
And part of that is feeling like you're in your zone of genius, I think is like where your skills meet just outside your comfort zone, right?

00:19:05.480 --> 00:19:16.730
You don't want to be too overwhelmed and too stressed out or else you're just in fight or flight, but you also don't want to be under challenge and under stimulated, where you need coffee just to function at work all the time.

00:19:16.740 --> 00:19:18.650
But I'm guilty of needing coffee.

00:19:20.550 --> 00:19:28.460
I think at the end of our semester here at the time of this recording and I think I went through uh six cups of coffee yesterday.

00:19:29.010 --> 00:19:30.920
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:19:30.930 --> 00:19:35.650
It starts to, you know, you get a little addiction going, but hey, it brings me happiness.

00:19:35.650 --> 00:19:36.960
You got to find that balance.

00:19:36.970 --> 00:19:40.780
And it sounds like a lot of these clients you're working with.

00:19:40.790 --> 00:19:44.550
Do you find a balance somewhere, but it might not be where they expect?

00:19:44.550 --> 00:19:47.370
And that's sort of like your story maddie.

00:19:47.380 --> 00:20:06.080
I'm just thinking about how you've reinvented, you have all these different labels and being a speech language pathologist already holds a lot of identity capital, as I say, it's like you go through grad school, you're working very personally with people personal connection, it's all about communication.

00:20:06.090 --> 00:20:11.670
And I'm wondering what what was your why or you know your your own case study in a way.

00:20:11.670 --> 00:20:12.960
How did you reinvent yourself?

00:20:12.960 --> 00:20:22.620
You do courses you do an online membership again, You you write a million words per year, which is unfathomable to me.

00:20:22.630 --> 00:20:27.370
Did you always know you wanted to do all these things or how did you explore that in yourself?

00:20:27.380 --> 00:20:29.260
No, that's a good story.

00:20:29.260 --> 00:20:32.670
I was I have two other sisters who are speech pathologists.

00:20:32.670 --> 00:20:37.350
And so I followed in my older sister's footsteps as younger sisters do.

00:20:37.350 --> 00:20:51.430
I just I look up to my big sister and I was an slp in the medical setting for many, many, many years and then my husband died and I found myself a single mom with five Children to raise.

00:20:51.440 --> 00:21:04.290
I was in a very strong religious church and the church said ah you know it was a death by suicide and I found that I was without a community.

00:21:04.300 --> 00:21:14.580
And I was responsible for me raising my family and I was very happy that I had my career and I stepped into my career.

00:21:14.580 --> 00:21:34.660
My Children are now raised and I got to this point where I was I had remarried and I had shifted down to the cities and I wasn't finding the contentment with my work, I wasn't finding that I didn't feel like I had a lot of control in my hours and my salary and my caseload.

00:21:34.670 --> 00:21:55.420
And so I myself, somebody said hire a coach and I hired a coach and this was a life coach and I had all of these things that I brought to my life coach and I said, I know I want to go somewhere, I know I want to figure out where I want to go for the last half of my life And I worked through coaching with her.

00:21:55.430 --> 00:22:04.290
So my coaching program reflects a lot of what I went through with her because it's working for me.

00:22:04.300 --> 00:22:07.500
And one of the things that I did was I created a vision board.

00:22:07.510 --> 00:22:17.710
She said this is how you create a vision board, right, 300 post it notes and I started writing posted notes of all the things I wanted to do in my life, meet Oprah, sleep in a haunted house.

00:22:17.970 --> 00:22:22.910
All these incredible things that some of I would achieve and some I would probably not achieve.

00:22:22.910 --> 00:22:25.170
But they were this simple, simple little things.

00:22:25.180 --> 00:22:29.720
I want to um wake up, happy to go to work every day.

00:22:29.730 --> 00:22:38.970
I want to connect with my kids on a weekly basis and I did all these 300 notes and I then organize them and I put them on a timeline.

00:22:38.980 --> 00:22:49.210
And by writing those things down I developed a clarity on where I wanted to go and I'm doing them.

00:22:49.220 --> 00:22:56.260
I wanted to be a professor and I'm a professor, I wanted to write a book and I'm writing my second book this summer.

00:22:56.270 --> 00:23:01.010
I wanted to start a podcast and we have, we're closing in on 40,000 followers.

00:23:01.880 --> 00:23:17.560
I'm stepping into the coaching realm because I believe in it, I believe in when you do the work and you have that drive and you have someone to hold you accountable and help you see where you want to go, then that's when things happen.

00:23:17.570 --> 00:23:21.120
So no, I did not start off thinking I was gonna do all these things.

00:23:21.390 --> 00:23:30.710
It evolved through the coaching that I went through and I'm getting older and it's harder to put in those huge clinic days.

00:23:30.830 --> 00:23:31.810
Just as harder.

00:23:31.810 --> 00:23:35.240
I get tired at the end of the day and I want more left from me.

00:23:35.240 --> 00:23:38.670
So fresh slp badasses slp the missing link for S.

00:23:38.670 --> 00:23:38.820

00:23:38.820 --> 00:23:38.980

00:23:38.980 --> 00:23:39.120

00:23:39.120 --> 00:23:47.370
This is my legacy that I'm moving forward into leaving my living as I merge out our fate out of their career.

00:23:47.620 --> 00:23:48.920
I don't know if that's right.

00:23:48.930 --> 00:23:51.550
I'm always hoping to be a speech pathologist.

00:23:51.550 --> 00:23:58.070
I have the heart and mind of a speech pathologist, but I hope to influence the next generations of S.

00:23:58.070 --> 00:23:58.220

00:23:58.220 --> 00:23:58.360

00:23:58.360 --> 00:23:58.470

00:23:58.470 --> 00:23:59.100
Coming up.

00:23:59.800 --> 00:24:01.030
Thank you for sharing that.

00:24:01.040 --> 00:24:03.790
And I would say your burn, you're not fading away.

00:24:03.800 --> 00:24:14.590
It was better to burn out than to fade away, but you're like a shooting star, just like, here's here's everything I know in every format and take what you will and I love it.

00:24:14.590 --> 00:24:26.800
It's just like you've diversified your identity and and yourself and your legacy and it brings up a lot of thoughts for me like that, you don't have to pick one thing sort of a narrative.

00:24:26.800 --> 00:24:34.170
We've, you know, it's wild to me that even in high school I put so much pressure on myself to get the right major pick.

00:24:34.180 --> 00:24:41.920
You know, I even went into a depression thinking if I don't pick the right major, you know, that's you decide your career and that's it.

00:24:41.930 --> 00:24:47.620
And if I don't like my career, you're stuck and especially nowadays like there's no gatekeepers.

00:24:47.910 --> 00:24:53.050
If you want to make a podcast, you just set up a mic record, it doesn't have to be perfect.

00:24:53.060 --> 00:24:58.360
Just do it if you want to write a newsletter, it's like 20 bucks a month or whatever.

00:24:58.370 --> 00:25:03.250
So actually free if you have a free like male chip account, whatever mail service you use.

00:25:03.260 --> 00:25:21.580
So the idea economy or being able to communicate and connect with people, it's it increases your luck surface area too because like how you and I met is just by Mutual people in the field because we put our work out there, we put our thoughts out there with on social media or podcasting.

00:25:21.580 --> 00:25:22.780
So it's pretty cool.

00:25:22.780 --> 00:25:26.920
Like even if you just meet other people but to circle that all back Maddie.

00:25:26.920 --> 00:25:35.810
I was thinking about you talk about career, of course it takes about 80,000 hours of our, of our life is spent working just wild.

00:25:36.540 --> 00:25:40.080
Are you looking to go beyond your degree and expand your impact.

00:25:40.090 --> 00:25:49.960
Whether you're a clinician or educator, you can break into the exciting world of health and ed tech or maybe you're interested in carving your own path in digital entrepreneurship.

00:25:49.970 --> 00:25:56.260
Either way, you'll find a supportive community and resources at slp transitions dot com.

00:25:56.290 --> 00:26:03.890
Inside you'll find my personal tips for mastering your mindset in the face of transition and inspiring stories of people who made the leap.

00:26:04.070 --> 00:26:12.910
You'd be surprised how much your experience translates to other fields, Find out how and join other movers and shakers at slp transitions dot com.

00:26:12.920 --> 00:26:23.290
See you inside now, let's get back to our amazing interview, you were talking about self care and doing things outside your career.

00:26:23.300 --> 00:26:30.540
How important is self care and what are some things you do outside of work that keep you fresh?

00:26:30.550 --> 00:26:33.020
A fresh slp a fresh slp.

00:26:33.030 --> 00:26:43.420
Um recent research has shown that self care is very important and research is expanding to show that group care is also important.

00:26:43.800 --> 00:26:51.490
So not only do we have to take care of ourselves, it's in our best interest to take care of one another and watch out for one another as well.

00:26:51.500 --> 00:26:53.660
So I have a colleague down the hallway.

00:26:53.670 --> 00:26:56.410
Um I call her sweet sarah, she's just sunshine.

00:26:56.420 --> 00:26:59.310
She's always putting her head in here, Hey, how you doing today?

00:26:59.310 --> 00:26:59.810

00:27:00.440 --> 00:27:02.320
And it's a real simple exchange.

00:27:02.320 --> 00:27:12.410
So my self care includes group care to those real close, just those close with me, family, friends, how you doing today?

00:27:13.150 --> 00:27:18.750
And including expanding my circle and intentionally reaching out to people.

00:27:18.940 --> 00:27:23.700
Um not in a big way but just in small, sometimes intangible ways.

00:27:23.710 --> 00:27:28.390
Myself cares include ways that resonate with me.

00:27:28.400 --> 00:27:30.640
I'm a big bubble bath person.

00:27:30.650 --> 00:27:32.020
I meditate.

00:27:32.030 --> 00:27:44.770
The latest thing I've learned to do is this may sound deleted people, but I have a meditation app and I'm not the type of person that sits on a mat with legs folded across and meditates like that.

00:27:44.770 --> 00:27:45.650
That's not my style.

00:27:45.650 --> 00:27:46.810
I wish it was.

00:27:47.050 --> 00:27:57.560
But I put my headphones on when I wake up in the morning, I grab the headphones, turn them on, turn on my mindful app and I have a morning meditation that I listen to and I listen to it like three times.

00:27:57.570 --> 00:28:01.530
It's five minutes long and I lay in bed and I do the grounding.

00:28:01.530 --> 00:28:06.980
I do that wonderful meditation, here's your day.

00:28:06.980 --> 00:28:08.800
Go forward with gratefulness and gratitude.

00:28:08.800 --> 00:28:14.670
Whatever the meditation is, that's a huge thing for me to get my mind at the beginning of the day.

00:28:14.790 --> 00:28:16.580
This is what my focus is.

00:28:16.590 --> 00:28:32.710
I make sure that I take time and I do things that I enjoy and my biggest self care is living true to myself and what is important to me and I know if I don't want to do something, I don't do it.

00:28:32.720 --> 00:28:57.440
If I if that's not what I want for dinner, I fix something else or I tell my husband, you know, I'm not a big pork eater, so doing those little things that are important to me that you know, the bath, the bubble bath and the meditation and motorcycling of course, but also staying true to who I am, taking care of me, taking care of you and setting boundaries.

00:28:57.440 --> 00:29:04.870
It sounds like with internally just something I've struggled with and I'm working on continually, but setting boundaries with yourself.

00:29:04.870 --> 00:29:30.680
Like when you said you wake up, you take that time to meditate, I'm trying not to wake up and go straight to my phone or check email because then you just get in that reactive, you know, hyper mode where you're like, you're already starting off on your back foot, you know, talking like a boxing match, you're you're just reacting so I love that you're being proactive, you're letting your mind the dust settle first before you start your day and then boundaries with other people.

00:29:30.690 --> 00:29:35.600
Hey, I don't want to eat that, I'm not gonna eat that or I'm not gonna do that, I don't want to do that.

00:29:35.610 --> 00:30:05.420
So we're not gonna want to watch that movie, it's not because I'm narcissistic or the world has to revolve around me and I compromise and I'll eat pork once in a while, but it's recognizing that my wants and needs have value And that transitions over into workplace setting self advocating for ourselves and really stating this is where my value is and this is what I bring to the table and recognizing that and that is what coaching does.

00:30:05.430 --> 00:30:26.850
The biggest thing that I see with the clients that I coach is they become so much more empowered with who they are and where they want to go And you know, I use, I'm such a left brain individual and somebody told me a little while ago about vibrations and I'm like, you know, but I, there's something to that.

00:30:26.850 --> 00:30:36.900
I think like you and I, we've got a good synergy and when you meet other people that you have that synergy with pay attention to that.

00:30:36.910 --> 00:30:41.610
Pay attention to where you do get lost and then go find yourself.

00:30:41.620 --> 00:30:50.350
It's finding where you vibrate the best, mm trusting your gut and your intuition.

00:30:50.360 --> 00:30:57.860
I think that's a skill because to get out of your head and kind of let your mind body whatever you wanna call it.

00:30:57.860 --> 00:31:01.850
The vibration sort of that inner voice that's been with you since your child.

00:31:01.860 --> 00:31:08.700
Tell you it might not know the exact answer of like change settings and go to a medical setting.

00:31:08.710 --> 00:31:15.670
It's not that logical, but it tells you when something's off or when something doesn't feel right and you need to make a change.

00:31:16.070 --> 00:31:26.700
That's why those four questions are so important, what's right, what's wrong, what's confusing and what's missing and you need to create the space.

00:31:26.700 --> 00:31:50.480
Now I know you're a big snowboarder, so when you're up on that mountain and you're coming down, your mind is free, I mean, I'm sure you're focused on on the hill and what you're doing, but there's also a part of you that's able to explore subconsciously your thoughts when I'm on my motorcycle, I ride silent, that's where my mind gets to connect and breathe.

00:31:50.490 --> 00:32:20.020
So find those areas in your life, whether it's walking behind the stroller, I don't know wherever, find and create a space in your life for you to process and think absolutely, and I did get into that flow zone, snowboarding and it's the best feeling obviously because it's just fun, but also it's actual neuroscience of your prefrontal cortex dims down and that's the overthinking perfectionist part of your brain.

00:32:20.030 --> 00:32:24.330
So all that mental chatter about how am I doing, what's gonna happen next?

00:32:24.340 --> 00:32:25.520
How is my past?

00:32:25.530 --> 00:32:31.170
No, you're in the present and you're just going and that's a relief in itself.

00:32:31.180 --> 00:32:53.380
So you have self care is so important mechanism says to live in the moment and I am not buddhist and I love so many of their teachings, but it's, you know, don't look to the past because the past is gone, the future is not here live in the moment and I've tried to live that for many, many years be in the moment.

00:32:53.990 --> 00:33:06.600
Yeah, and to your point, it doesn't have to be snowboarding or riding a motorcycle, it can just be taking a walk and I love the quote that you brought up before we started recording, which is wherever you go, there you are.

00:33:06.610 --> 00:33:15.300
So, you know, you might think on instagram, you see people traveling the world, oh, I have to be doing that, that's where bliss is, that's where happiness is.

00:33:15.310 --> 00:33:17.840
I mean, it's like you're with your head all day.

00:33:17.840 --> 00:33:36.870
So even if you're in Thailand sipping a cocktail or whatever it is on the beach you at the end of the day, it's it's you and your thoughts, so you have to carve out that time for yourself so important and do that, exploring on what brings you joy and fulfillment, what brings you where do you want your life to go?

00:33:36.880 --> 00:33:53.270
And only you can answer those questions and whether you do it through coaching, whether you do it through a spiritual journey or you know, however you do it go those layers deep and find where that is for you.

00:33:53.280 --> 00:34:01.610
I think one of the things that adds to my dimension is I've gone through great grief and great loss and every day is a gift.

00:34:01.620 --> 00:34:14.070
And if we choose to stay in our professions are profession, then excellent and if we choose to transition out of our profession as slp excellent.

00:34:14.489 --> 00:34:24.989
Find a place where you fill your days with meaningful things that add to your heart rather than take away.

00:34:25.270 --> 00:34:25.920

00:34:25.929 --> 00:34:36.449
And I think as S LPS or clinicians maddie, we tend to be very helping oriented we're givers but that can leave to compassion fatigue and not setting those boundaries.

00:34:36.639 --> 00:34:38.030
Even think about introverted S.

00:34:38.030 --> 00:34:38.469

00:34:38.469 --> 00:34:42.440
Because I saw you said that you consider yourself an introvert right?

00:34:42.440 --> 00:34:50.500
And actually I identify as an intra people who what your speech language pathologist, you communicate for a living, that's all you do.

00:34:51.060 --> 00:34:52.199

00:34:52.210 --> 00:34:53.750
What do you what are you talking about?

00:34:53.760 --> 00:35:04.870
So I'm curious what strengths or weaknesses but mostly you know what is the the edge you have as an introvert in this profession or in the other work that you do?

00:35:04.880 --> 00:35:06.970
And are there any other settings for S.

00:35:06.970 --> 00:35:07.090

00:35:07.090 --> 00:35:07.270

00:35:07.270 --> 00:35:07.380

00:35:07.380 --> 00:35:11.950
Or clinicians that cater better to introverts like the medical or school setting?

00:35:11.960 --> 00:35:15.560
I don't know if there's one that I've seen a facebook group for introverted S.

00:35:15.560 --> 00:35:19.680
Lps and they're like I don't want to be on all the time anymore.

00:35:19.690 --> 00:35:49.100
But yeah I'm curious what your thoughts are about introversion and slp I understand the interest being on all the time because as an introvert we tend to really like our downtime and a quiet time because they're introverts and that is our time when we connect and do things that fill us up versus an extrovert is they go out and they have these social interactions and these things that they do and that's what fills them up.

00:35:49.110 --> 00:35:52.500
So as an introverted slp I'm and a writer.

00:35:52.500 --> 00:35:58.220
I'm very happy by myself writing reading, doing more solitary type activities.

00:35:58.230 --> 00:36:10.620
So my to answer that question I hadn't thought about it, choose a career or a job or a setting where you're able to be you.

00:36:10.630 --> 00:36:15.890
So if you're an introverted slp then find a position.

00:36:15.900 --> 00:36:41.240
Um and I know I definitely associate with the on off, I'm turning myself on for this podcast when this podcast is done I'll go back to being quiet and alone and I'm okay with with both find a position that you can turn on and off and you can step outside of the introversion introverted self and then always have that area where you can go back to.

00:36:41.250 --> 00:36:43.160
You may want to step into I.

00:36:43.160 --> 00:36:43.500

00:36:43.500 --> 00:36:47.470
Would be a great career because when you um or something to do with I.

00:36:47.470 --> 00:36:47.930

00:36:47.930 --> 00:36:56.980
Or writing and this is again where we you know the beginning of the conversation is like so hard to there's so many ways S.

00:36:56.980 --> 00:36:57.120

00:36:57.120 --> 00:36:57.260

00:36:57.260 --> 00:37:08.820
S who want to transition out can go and transition so take our communication skills, take our writing skills, take our um you know personal skills and go find a setting.

00:37:08.820 --> 00:37:18.510
If you're transitioning out with those work might be a different setting totally and that's okay because the skills that you've earned our years to keep.

00:37:18.520 --> 00:37:20.230
Yeah that's right.

00:37:20.240 --> 00:37:25.750
Most people think of it as a sunk cost of, oh I went to grad school and it's very specialized.

00:37:25.760 --> 00:37:27.260
I can't do anything else.

00:37:27.270 --> 00:37:42.170
But that's so far from the truth of communication skills whether through writing reading uh talking obviously but communicating complex medical terminology and bringing it down for parent friendly language.

00:37:42.180 --> 00:37:53.260
That applies to writing research even design thinking like not graphic design necessarily but you x because you're thinking about how a user uses U.

00:37:53.270 --> 00:37:53.640

00:37:53.640 --> 00:37:53.930

00:37:53.930 --> 00:37:57.340
For example that goes with computer interfaces.

00:37:57.350 --> 00:38:14.530
So really taking these high minded concepts and bringing them down to adapt to individualized users and talking to multiple stakeholders like administration parents, students getting by in like everything in business or anywhere you work.

00:38:14.740 --> 00:38:16.320
You're gonna have to collaborate with people.

00:38:16.330 --> 00:38:18.190
So these are all really good skills.

00:38:18.200 --> 00:38:26.350
The vision boarding exercise I do is interesting because when you do the 300 post it notes, a pattern emerges over those 300 notes.

00:38:26.360 --> 00:38:44.010
So then you organize them and it it clearly comes out whether you have a lean towards teaching or lean towards technology or a lean towards counseling or you know whatever it is and those are the rabbit trails then that the S.

00:38:44.010 --> 00:39:12.380
Lps that I coach follow and I think that's why they're so content with where they're at and where they're moving towards their very happy with where they're moving start with the vision and the deeper emotional aspects and learning themselves, introvert extrovert rewards challenges and we all have a price of admission, we have to pay right, there's not there's not ever gonna necessarily be a pain free life or career.

00:39:12.390 --> 00:39:13.740
Everything has its challenges.

00:39:13.740 --> 00:39:15.230
So just accept that.

00:39:15.240 --> 00:39:28.030
But it's like choose your, choose your regret, choose your challenge and hopefully it's a meaningful challenge and not one that feels like drudgery, like pushing a who's the person who pushed the stone up the hill?

00:39:28.040 --> 00:39:29.060
The greek mythology.

00:39:29.060 --> 00:39:36.170
Why can't say okay, well done, well done James.

00:39:36.170 --> 00:39:39.640
You had to queue myself.

00:39:39.650 --> 00:39:44.030
We go semantic feature analysis around ball, goes up a hill.

00:39:44.030 --> 00:39:47.740
He's yeah, he's doomed for eternity to push a stone up a hill.

00:39:47.750 --> 00:39:49.880
So hopefully you don't feel like that in your career.

00:39:50.060 --> 00:39:57.220
No, you don't wanna be flattened by the ball when it rolls back on, you know, and gravity always wins.

00:39:57.850 --> 00:40:00.640
Speaking of um you know, we're almost out of time.

00:40:00.640 --> 00:40:07.180
I have so much I want to talk to you about, but I know you're doing something with your state association and podcasting.

00:40:07.180 --> 00:40:09.060
Can you tell us a little bit about that?

00:40:09.070 --> 00:40:19.820
Sure, I sit on the Minnesota speech language Hearing association as an executive committee member and we every other month host a webinar and podcast.

00:40:19.830 --> 00:40:29.250
So podcast means we do the webinar, we do a facebook live, it's open and free if you want to join MENSA page and I moderate.

00:40:29.260 --> 00:40:47.590
So there's other executive members on there and then we're pulling guests and we have discussions that are mentioned, members have said they want to talk about the next one we have coming up is going to be time management and the one following that it's going to be stress management and we just completed podcast on burnout and things.

00:40:47.600 --> 00:40:52.130
Um, so I'm, I moderate the panel, I moderate the whole discussion so I set it up.

00:40:52.130 --> 00:41:00.090
I get the questions bio, I create the questions and then I have the whole podcast so amazing.

00:41:00.100 --> 00:41:05.690
And so I didn't even know there was such a thing as a State association podcasting intersection.

00:41:05.700 --> 00:41:07.540
That's cool.

00:41:07.550 --> 00:41:14.190
And before I forget you wanted to talk about the difference between burnout and being tired.

00:41:14.190 --> 00:41:16.260
I think that is an important distinction.

00:41:16.270 --> 00:41:22.850
What is the difference between I'm just tired and I need to recharge or self care and feeling completely burnt out?

00:41:23.370 --> 00:41:24.510
Good question.

00:41:24.520 --> 00:41:38.290
If you go on a trip a trip for a week or two and you come back to your position and you feel refreshed and ready to go, still knowing that there's other challenges, but you feel refreshed, then you were tired.

00:41:38.300 --> 00:41:56.740
If you come back from your vacation and you dread your position, then you're burned out and those are flags to pay attention to, even if you don't get the luxury of taking a vacation, try to differentiate Are you tired but still love what you do?

00:41:56.750 --> 00:41:59.380
Are you burned out and you don't want to do it anymore.

00:41:59.390 --> 00:42:08.620
And so when we do, when we coach, when we go through those questions and people choose, do I want to stay in this career?

00:42:08.630 --> 00:42:12.610
Or am I shifting my big y into something different?

00:42:12.620 --> 00:42:14.830
Those are important things to distinguish.

00:42:15.390 --> 00:42:16.130

00:42:16.140 --> 00:42:24.290
Yeah, I can see that as be so disappointing to go on vacation and then come back and realize that this vacation didn't solve anything.

00:42:24.300 --> 00:42:32.060
But it's an important, important realization then you can make your vision board start with that awareness awesome.

00:42:32.070 --> 00:42:50.560
Well, for any entrepreneurial clinicians out there, because I know there are some people who listen to this podcast who are like, I want to be an exceptional leader, I want to do something but beyond my degree, maybe writing maybe podcasting courses, maybe something completely different like you maddie.

00:42:50.560 --> 00:43:01.230
So I wonder if you have one piece of advice you would share for someone who's thinking about being an entrepreneur, doing different things, do it, Don't waste time.

00:43:01.240 --> 00:43:09.390
Now is the time to step forward and begin exploring that, finding your resources and coming up with the road map on how to get that done.

00:43:09.400 --> 00:43:19.000
You're already shown that you can do a graduate degree and step into a career, so I'm sure there's nothing holding you back, go do it.

00:43:19.010 --> 00:43:23.700
There's been times where I thought dang it, that was a great idea and somebody else took it and ran with it.

00:43:23.710 --> 00:43:27.130
I could have done that and it's not a competition thing.

00:43:27.140 --> 00:43:33.060
I love it when we as S LPS and entrepreneurs and podcast just collaborate.

00:43:33.070 --> 00:43:39.910
So take the time, go do it step into what you want to do and don't waste any more days start today.

00:43:39.920 --> 00:43:41.470
What's that saying?

00:43:41.610 --> 00:43:47.780
The best time was yesterday, The second best time is now get going awesome.

00:43:47.790 --> 00:43:51.920
Best time to plant a tree was not you can't go back 15 years.

00:43:51.930 --> 00:43:53.480
Best time to plant the trees today.

00:43:54.180 --> 00:43:55.120

00:43:55.120 --> 00:44:06.200
And you're planting lots of trees of knowledge and wisdom here, Maddie and I thank you and I want to ask you, where can people find you if they want to learn more about coaching or your podcast?

00:44:06.200 --> 00:44:07.140
Anything else?

00:44:07.150 --> 00:44:24.690
We'll come check me out at bad slp, you'll see a picture of me and Zeus the website is under construction where I'm at the end of my semester, so I haven't had the time to really launch like I want to, my main main main coaching is through fresh slp dot com and you can find me there as well.

00:44:24.700 --> 00:44:27.320
And then please come listen to me at the missing link for S.

00:44:27.320 --> 00:44:27.440

00:44:27.440 --> 00:44:28.460
P's podcast.

00:44:28.470 --> 00:44:31.680
We are finishing up what I did learn in graduate school.

00:44:31.680 --> 00:44:45.820
It's a great series and we're starting a new podcast called speechless, where I'm interviewing a speech pathologist who is a school speech pathologist, a a C expert and in a matter of a few days ended up in an ICU unit tracked.

00:44:45.840 --> 00:44:49.750
Um so we're gonna be talking about how she was speechless.

00:44:49.760 --> 00:44:51.520
Well wow.

00:44:51.530 --> 00:45:00.630
Well, Maddie, clearly you're passionate about this field and many things and so I totally encourage everyone out there to check out Maddie's website.

00:45:00.640 --> 00:45:04.610
Going to Badass slp, listen to the missing link for S.

00:45:04.610 --> 00:45:04.720

00:45:04.720 --> 00:45:12.250
P's podcast because if you can tell by Maddie's career, she's been through it all and you're gonna continue learning.

00:45:12.260 --> 00:45:19.640
This was just a tiny sliver of what you learned by going through her courses or just even just checking out her free stuff on her website.

00:45:19.650 --> 00:45:30.390
So, and fresh slp on instagram and then the missing link for fresh sl pieces on facebook, awesome Maddie, thank you so much for taking the time.

00:45:30.390 --> 00:45:32.020
I really enjoyed this conversation.

00:45:32.180 --> 00:45:34.470
Thanks James, I enjoyed it as well.

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Thanks for listening

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Mattie Murrey-Tegels is the founder and SLP behind Fresh SLP, Badass SLP, and The Missing Link for SLPs Podcast. She’s been “in-the-trenches” as a medical SLP around the world for over 25 years and now an Assistant Professor for 3 years. She is thrilled to be growing her dream job of a coaching business for SLPs across their career span and because paying her experiences forward is something she is very passionate about. One of the things she enjoys the most is interviewing guests on her podcast, The Missing Link for SLPs, which just passed 30,000 downloads. If you ask her patients and students, one thing they will remember is how much she loves her work! She may not look like it but she is a huge introvert and when she is not actively working as an SLP, she is almost always reading, writing (writing over 1,000,000 words a year), or listening to amazing Chicago Blues bands. She also loves being outdoors and definitely enjoys soaking up the sun at her home in Minnesota, where warm and sunny days can be limited. She’s ridden motorcycles for many years, raced sled dogs, hiked huge mountains yet she cherishes the quiet moments of climbing into a hammock to nap or timeless conversations with friends and family. The Missing Link for SLPs podcast, Fresh SLP, and Badass SLP is her legacy, giving back to a career that has so richly rewarded her.