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Lanette Pinkard

BBS, DD, NIC Master -Nationally Certified Interpreter

Lanette is a child of deaf adults (CODA) who has been a professional American Sign-language (ASL) interpreter for 40+ years. She is a highly sought-after interpreter, interpreter coordinator, cruise interpreting instructor and Lead interpreter for interpreting teams facilitating communication for Deaf groups/individuals traveling all over the U.S. and internationally.

As a 21st century leader, Lanette, founder of My Hands Your Heart, LLC (MHYH) has provided training, professional development, employment, and empowerment through her organization. Some of her accomplishments include starting a community sign-language school and a Hands-on Internship Program (HOIP) for interpreting training program (ITP) students who are graduating or recently graduated. These platforms were created for interpreters to develop their skills in environments mirroring real life assignments.

Lanette has been recruited and pursued to lead multiple teams of interpreters to serve on cruises and international travel with large Deaf groups and has completed over 80 cruises in less than 10 years. When Lanette sees a problem that affects the recipients of ASL, she believes that you either assist and bring a resolution or you are part of the problem. Her teams are loyal to her because she serves along with them, show appreciation and celebrate them in everything they do.
Among many of her empowering projects, she developed an exclusive “Cruise Interpreting Academy” (CIA) hands-on training that takes place aboard cruise ships for ASL Interpreters. In her training interpreters learn how to serve all the stakeholders involved when interpreting is needed for their guests. They learn all policy and procedures from embarkation to disembarkation and customize training for different organizations. Her interpreters are highly skilled, trained, professional and qualified; they are open-minded, adaptable to change and purposed to serve beyond the call of duty to represent organizations nationally and internationally.

Lanette’s mission is to help ASL interpreters be professional yet personal, prepared yet passionate, precise with purpose while providing excellent interpreting services. This has led to repeated requests by organizations, agencies, corporations and the Deaf Community everywhere. She is passionate about unifying the Deaf Community, Interpreters and organizations through education of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills while emphasizing respect and appreciation for each other’s differences. Finally, the sign-language interpreters are required to learn all policy and procedures to follow for each organization for premium customer service and ASL interpreting delivery.

Her mottos for the interpreting profession are:
“Serving alone we fail, serving together, we can overcome anything!”
“Whatever it takes, we make it work!”
“Greatness comes when you invest in making others great!”

May 9, 2022

From CODA to Professional ASL Interpreter with Lanette Pinkard

Mai Ling and James are bringing a great interview for you this week. Our guest is professional American Sign Language interpreter…

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