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Meredith received her PhD from the University of Kansas in 2011 in Developmental Speech Physiology and Neuroscience. Since then she's worked as a school-based SLP, an Assistant Professor at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, and owned a private practice.

Meredith's current professional activities all focus on understanding, supporting, and advancing research and clinical practice in speech–language–pathology. She founded The Informed SLP, and runs that full-time. She also is President of the Kansas Speech–Language–Hearing Association, is on the Committee on Clinical Research, Implementation Science, and Evidence-Based Practice for ASHA, is an adjunct faculty at The University of Kansas. And hosts a podcast called, Evidence & Argument.

May 17, 2021

Deep Diving into Research for Speech-Language Pathology with Meredith…

Our Xceptional Leader guest today is the founder of The Informed SLP, Meredith Harold. Mai Ling Chan chats with the fellow SLP ab…

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