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Chris 'Speech Dude' Wenger

CCC-SLP (Speech Language Pathologist)

Chris Wenger is an enthusiastic school-based SLP and nationally-acclaimed presenter who loves to share the most current neurodiversity affirming techniques to help older autistic students. He is the creator of the Dynamic assessment of Social Emotional Learning, a neurodiversity-affirming assessment to get a holistic view of a child. A prominent thought leader in the field of speech pathology, and known on social media as “Speech Dude,” Chris motivates and entertains fellow educators and clinicians through his humorous and inspiring posts and videos.

May 23, 2022

Winning Mindset and Social Media Impact with Speech Dude

We’re excited to share this great conversation with you! Our guest today is Chris Wenger, aka Speech Dude. He is an SLP, social media influencer, and the creator of the Dynamic Assess of Social Emotional Learning, a neurodiversity-affirming...

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